Coronavirus Tips

Total Community Involvement is releasing a video series with Coronavirus Tips for immunity, prevention and recovery. Watch the videos below and subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with new videos.

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Have these videos helped you during this time? Do you have any questions about anything mentioned in the videos, or about COVID-19? We would love to hear your feedback and answer your questions so we can continue to create helpful content for our community! 

A Word From Pastor Don About Quarantines

Part 1
An intro to the Total Community Immunity series
Part 2
Bolstering Immune Function With Proper Nutrition​
Part 3
Fight Coronavirus With NAC​
Part 4
Fight Coronavirus With Exercise
Part 5
Fight Coronavirus with Saunas
Part 6
3 Steps Through Anxiety​
Part 7
Fight Coronavirus with Good Hygiene
Part 8
Fight Coronavirus as a Diabetic
Part 9
Fight Coronavirus with Vitamin D
Part 10
Fight Coronavirus with Sleep
Part 11
Fight Coronavirus with Positive Thinking
Part 12
Be Still

Episode 1
The Science Behind Treating Covid-19 with Foot Baths

Episode 2
Scientific Benefits of Treating Covid-19 Symptoms with Steam Baths

Episode 3
Scientific Benefits Of Hot Fomentations to Fight Off Covid-19

Episode 4
How To Lower Your Fever With Wet Sheet Pack

Episode 5
How To Do A Contrast Shower

Part 13
Fight Coronavirus Q&A
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