Dr. Nedley joins Pastor Doug Batchelor of Amazing Facts to discuss the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the fears surrounding it, and how to build up your immune system to fight off the sickness and infection that can come from any virus. 

Coronavirus Tips

COVID 19 will be an issue, at least for awhile in the USA and world. Since more than 80 percent of people who get it don’t develop any symptoms or mild cold symptoms, it can be passed by people who are healthy and don’t even know they have it. Those who do get the pneumonia will get sick and many will seek care. The largest determinant of whether you get sick is your immune system. Therefore NEWSTART principles are primary in self protection.

(NEWSTART is an acronym for: Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust in God)

In fact, it would be a theoretical personal advantage to come in contact with a few COVID-19 with a healthy immune system fighting it, since it would likely make you immune and would be better than getting a vaccine later (won’t be developed for at least a year).

High anti-oxidant fruits and vegetables, no or very low sugar intake is a great nutritional plan, daily aerobic exercise, adequate hydration when traveling with not touching face or mouth unless hands are washed right beforehand, frequent hand washing, and one of the best immune enhancers is alternating hot and cold showers, ending with a minute of pure cold. Getting good sunlight and fresh air (virtually no outdoor public contracting of the virus), adequate rest and trust in God will ALL help.

Two other simple suggestions are taking two 600 mg NAC capsules or tablets per day which has been shown by a randomized placebo controlled trial to eliminate any flu symptoms in 75% of those exposed, and will likely help coronavirus as well. N-acetylcysteine (NAC) can be purchased over the counter and greatly boosts your immune system by raising glutathione levels. If you are on a plane or accidentally touch your mouth or face without having immediately washed your hands, use zinc lozenges every 2 hours or so as zinc is toxic to the coronavirus on contact.

For more information watch this recent interview with Dr. Nedley.

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